Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Vet Works® offers a variety of treats that promote your dog’s health.

Pill Treats

Pill Treats are a tasty treats for dogs that contain a built-in pill tube, perfect for hiding a tablet or capsule inside. Pets love the bacon flavored softchew so much they won’t even notice there’s medication inside.


  • An easy way to administer your pet’s medications
  • Flavor your pet will love
  • A good training treat

How They Work

Your pet’s medication (tablet or capsule) is easily inserted into the Pill Treat tube. Because the Pill Treat tastes delicious, giving medicine to your pet becomes easy.

About Us

Vet Works® is all about providing high quality products for your pet that are healthy and taste great, at a price you can afford. All products are made and sourced with ingredients here in the USA, so that we can confidently stand behind them. Your pet isn’t just a friend, it’s considered a member of the family – so he deserves nothing less.

Made In America

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