Vet Works® is the brand name of animal health products provided by TruRx, LLC. Vet Works® provides quality medication and vet grade supplements for your pet at prices you can afford. Vet Works® sources all ingredients and manufactures all products right here in America. This allows us to confidently stand behind the quality of each product.

What are Vet Works® Pill Treats?

Vet Works® Pill Treats are a tasty treat for dogs that have a built-in pill tube for hiding pet medications and capsules. Your pets will think Vet Works® Pill Treats are so tasty they won’t even notice there’s medication inside!

What are the Benefits?

Vet Works® Pill Treats are an easy way to administer your pet’s medication or other pills such as supplements and vitamins.

Benefits include:
• Reducing wasted pills saves you money
• Treats are nutritious and healthy
• Comes in a tasty flavor your pet will love
• Knowing your pets take their medication gives peace of mind

How do I use them?

• Hold the treat with your thumb and forefinger.
• Insert the pill tablet or capsule into the Vet Works® Pill Treats tube.
• Pinch both sides of the tube closed with your fingers to secure the pill inside the treat.
• Give the pill treat to your pet and watch them enjoy their tasty treat.

Is there a way to prevent the smell or taste of the medication from transferring to the treat?

You can prevent most of the transfer of pill taste and odor to the pill treat by not touching the pill treat with the hand that has held the pill or capsule

I left my bag of Vet Works® Pill Treats open and the Pill Treats are dried out. What should I do?

If your Vet Works® Pill Treats have dried out, put your pill treat in the microwave for 5-10 seconds and it should become more malleable. Be careful not to overheat

Important Note: Do not put the pill treat in the microwave with the medication already inserted. Heat the treat first, and then insert the pill as directed.

If my dog doesn’t like Vet Works® Pill Treats, can I get my money back?

Vet Works® Pill Treats has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you or your pet is not completely satisfied, you can return the treats to the Costco club where you purchased them for a full refund.

Are Vet Works® Pill Treats made in the USA?

Vet Works® Pill Treats are always made in the USA from ingredients that are also sourced right here in America. Our commitment to provide vet recommended products for your pet that are made only in America, allow us to confidently stand behind the quality of each product we produce.